No More Wrinkles With the Auto Coat Valet
 from Epiphany WOW®

The perfect car or truck accessory for anyone who must dress for success in the office but who needs comfort on the move.



“I always keep several jackets in my car. A blue jean jacket to take into restaurants in case I get cold. A rain jacket so I don't get wet. And others.

They were piling up in my backseat and sliding into the floorboard. With my vallet, I can layer all of them all onto one hanger behind my headrest.

Now I can find all of them anytime I need them and my car looks so much neater.”

Karon T.



“I purchased this valet specifically for a place to hang my volunteer jacket. After a day of working, I hang my jacket on the valet and it is ready and not wrinkled for me to wear it next week. It was easy to install and flexible for my car. Works perfectly.”

Brenda P.



“Terrific product. Works very well. Arrived just as described. Very easy to "install." Highly recommend.”




“I bought this for my husband because he always takes his jacket off and lays it on the back seat when he drives. He LOVES it! It's unobtrusive, convenient and a great item!”

Renee S.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If the Auto Coat Valet doesn't fit your car or it doesn't keep your coats, jackets, sweaters neat and off the floor board, send it back for a full refund. 


It Just Works!

2 Clicks and You're Done

Quick Installation

Snap the 2 clamps onto your headrest posts and you're ready to hang your jacket, coat or other garment. 

No Need to Remove Headrest

Install or uninstall the hanger without the frustration of taking the headrest completely off. 

Clothes Stay Put

Unlike other inferior headrest coat hangers, our design and materials prevent your garments from slipping off onto the floorboard.

Complete Visibility

Other models can partially block your view causing a potentially dangerous safety hazard. But the Auto Coat Valet stays out of sight.

Auto Coat Valet

Overcoming the Annoying Design Flaws of Other Headrest Coat Hangers

Whether you're traveling to the other side of town for a business meeting or cross country for vacation, looking your best is important. Who wants to arrive in a wrinkled mess? The standard solution to the problem has always been a coat hanger that attaches to your headrest.

Sounds simple enough. A coat hanger is a coat hanger, right? Not exactly. Just look at these abundant design flaws.

Those other headrest coat hangers can be:

  • Inconvenient - Requiring you to completely remove the headrest to install or uninstall the hanger.
  • Unreliable - Allowing clothes to slip off and wind up in a pile on your dirty floorboard.
  • Dangerous - Obstructing your view or causing distractions while you drive.
  • Noisy - Clicking, rattling or making other noises that are irritating.

Here's a Better Option

  • Leave your headrest in place and quickly snap the coat hanger on and off in 10 seconds or less.
  • Confidently hang your suit, jacket, shirt, coat or other garment knowing it will stay wrinkle free during your drive.
  • Drive noise free. Sturdy construction guarantees no buzzing, rattling or other irritating noises.

Hitting the road again soon? Get your Auto Coat Valet headrest coat hanger today and guarantee your next drive is wrinkle-free.

How to Install the Auto Coat Valet

  • Raise the Headrest (approximately 4 inches)
  • Make sure the brackets are turned so the openings are facing the outside. If a bracket is stiff and hard to turn, use a towel to grasp the bracket and apply some muscle to it.
  • Grip & Squeeze the Two Curved Areas
  • Slip the Brackets Between the Headrest Posts

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